Using WindLily With a Tripod

The Multipurpose mount is equipped with the same kind of ¼”-20 threaded hole found on the bottom of most cameras.  We did this to allow you to mount the WindLily on any good quality camera tripod, or you can order one specially made for WindLily in the very near future.

We have found the best two ways to set up the WindLily using a tripod.  The following two methods are recommended to eliminate the risk of the turbine tipping over due to a large gust of wind.

Method #1 - Weighted Tripod

Use the hook provided to add weight like packs, rocks, water bottles, whatever you can find, to give the tripod some stability.  This method is preferred, despite taking a bit more effort to set up, keeping it up off the ground access faster wind speeds resulting in a better charge rate.

Note the large rock tied to the tripod’s hook

Method #2 - Tripod with Legs Fully Extended at Maximum Angle

This method is quick to set up, but be warned that winds are considerably less energetic near the ground.  For best results, position the tripod so that one leg is pointing along the direction of the wind.

Note the tripods are fully extended and at their maximum angle. The legs are oriented such that one leg extends along the direction of the wind

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