WaterLily in Action in Vanuatu

November 22, 2019

We love to hear from WaterLily customers. Recently we received an email from Gary Tettelbach who took WaterLily on a sailing trip to Vanuatu. Here is what Gary had to say:

Dear Waterlily,

Last December I ordered a 12v Waterlily Turbine and took it sailing with me to the tropical Vanuatu island of Malakula in the South Pacific.

I have met several people that live on the island over the years and they subsist live. That means they live growing their food, fishing, and living without electricity. This is a developing nation of hundreds of islands just like Malakula and each island is lush, green and has lots of small streams where the villages are located.

The climate is hot and the villages are generally located in the bush for shade making solar power difficult. Combine this with a lack of knowledge of batteries and the contamination of used batteries to the environment and I thought micro-hydroelectric power would be just the answer. 

All these people are looking for is a light at night to read by or something to charge their cell phones (a new addition to their lives from aid money from developed nations). Your turbine was perfect. I will send you pictures/videos of your unit in action. My intention is to return to Vanuatu with more of your turbines and bring more light to the people. The units are perfect for this purpose.

Gary Tettelbach

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