WaterLily Setup Series #2 - Fully Submerging the Turbine

In our last post, we explained the importance of setting your WaterLily up so that the flow enters the front of the turbine. In this video, we’re talking about getting the most power out of your WaterLily, by using the full area of the rotor.

When choosing where to deploy your WaterLily, look for some fast flowing water that’s also deep enough to submerge the entire turbine.  Sometimes that isn’t possible, and that’s ok, it’s still going to charge your gear.  But to get the fastest charge, your WaterLily is going to perform best in a location where the whole turbine is fully submerged.  

You’ll notice how much faster the rotor spins when it’s in a fast flow that hits the entire swept area of the rotor. The faster the blades are spinning, the more power you will get!

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