WaterLily Setup Series #3 - Using the Lanyards

This post is about using the four lanyards that come attached to the WaterLily turbine. There are a TON of ways you can use these to set up your WaterLily. We're going to show you two of our favourites.

#1 - The tried and true, go to method.  Bring all four lanyards together in front of the turbine and attach them to the end of your rope.  Then all you need is an anchor upstream, like a tree branch or rock to setup your WaterLily.

Any kind of trustworthy knot at the end of the rope is fine.  I like to use the perfection loop. You can find instructions at animatedknots.com/perfection-loop-knot

#2 - The V setup. This is a good choice if you have access to both sides of the river.  Split the lanyards into two groups and use two pieces of rope, or one long piece of rope, to anchor the turbine to both sides of the riverbank.  

This method delivers absolute control of the turbine’s position, granting you the ability to fine tune the position to access the fastest moving water.  It requires more rope and set up time, but if you can make it happen you’ll be a happy camper for sure.

For more helpful information please read/watch our entire setup series.

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