SunLily Solar Panels

By popular demand, introducing SunLily: A rugged 15 Watt solar panel with regulated 14.6V output that seamlessly combines power from the sun with your personal wind and hydro. You can now take advantage of the sun's rays to give your personal hydro or wind generator a boost. Coming this spring!

With SunLily, WaterLily is the only commercially available system that allows you to harvest energy from water, wind, sun, or all three at the same time to keep your devices and 12V batteries charged!

We will be initially offering SunLily with a 15-watt output, with larger panels coming later in 2022. The panels will be sold with a 12V output via an SAE connector. You can use the panels on their own, or connect them to your WaterLily turbine for more power! You can see all of the features and tech specs below.

If you are interested in purchasing a SunLily panel when they are available this spring, please sign up using the form at the bottom of this page. Subscribers will receive updates on availability and exclusive early access discounts when units are available to ship.

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Technical Specifications:

-Regulated 14.6V output
-No charge controller is required
-15W output via 12V SAE connector
-Mono solar cell with ETFE coating
-Rugged & waterproof
-Compact & lightweight
-Includes 2 into 1 SAE cable splitter
-Seamless integration with WaterLily/WindLily charging system.

For questions contact us at: support@waterlilyturbine.com

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